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Face Mask Recipes for Balanced Skin

We hear and read about balanced skin in advertisements for skin care products but what exactly is it? Balanced skin is smooth, has small pores, and contains both elasticity and moisture. It is neither overly dry nor shiny and it has an ideal pH level. Many people use commercial products to achieve this result but there are also natural substances they can combine in various face mask recipes for balanced skin.

Here is a sampling of natural substances that are used to help skin achieve the perfect balance:

Aloe vera: this gel comes fresh from the aloe plant and in addition to helping restore the pH balance to skin, it heals, soothes, and serves as a mild astringent. Aloe vera can be applied to the face straight from the plant, bottled as a juice, or used to make a face mask. n95 mask for sale

Apple cider vinegar: this exfoliating and pH balancing liquid is made from raw apples. Though it is gentle and soothing and can relieve dry, itchy skin, it should not be used on skin suffering from windburn or sunburn.

Blackberry or Raspberry: these fruits are high in antioxidants and vitamins and serve as excellent astringents to balance normal to oily skin.

Carrot seed oil: made from carrot seeds, this essential oil is good for all skin types because it is high in vitamin A. It rejuvenates and regenerates skin by stimulating circulation, increasing skin elasticity, toning, and reducing wrinkles. It should not be used by pregnant women or epileptics and excessive sunlight should be avoided during use.

Geranium: can be made from either geranium flowers or plant oil and used in moisturizers and facial masks to repair damaged exposed skin and balance the production of sebum, the oily secretion from skin sebaceous glands.

Gotu kola (Brahmi): made from the leaves of the Gotu kola plant, this substance balances skin by removing excess oil. It also improves memory and mental functioning.

These and many other substances are included in face mask recipes that balance skin and treat different skin conditions. For example, a soothing face mask that also treats acne contains one tablespoon of runny honey, one teaspoon each of aloe vera and powdered milk, and two drops of a preferred essential oil. After mixing ingredients together, apply the mask to the skin. Rinse off with lukewarm water after ten to 20 minutes, leaving skin clean, moisturized, and balanced. With regular use, blemishes and their scars will also begin to disappear.


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